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AMP945 Combined with FOLFIRINOX Enhances Treatment Effects in model of Pancreatic Cancer 


Amplia has today released new preclinical data showing the efficacy of its highly selective FAK inhibitor AMP945  in an animal model of pancreatic cancer, when used in combination with FOLFIRINOX treatment.  

FOLFIRINOX, a combination of four chemotherapies, is a widely-used treatment for pancreatic cancer in the US, Canada and most European countries. 

The study, conducted in the laboratory of Prof. Paul Timpson at the Garvan Institute of Medical Research, found that AMP945 in addition to FOLFIRINOX in a mouse model of pancreatic cancer showed a statistically significant increase in survival compared to those treated with FOLFIRINOX alone. 

The data from this study has been included in the Meeting Abstracts for the forthcoming American Society of Clinical Oncology meeting in Chicago, USA. 

Amplia’s CEO and MD, Dr Chris Burns, commented: “The exciting results from this mouse study further indicate the potential of AMP945 in pancreatic cancer treatment when used in combination with standard-of-care therapies. In light of this data, we have filed a patent to cover the use of FAK inhibitors, and particularly AMP945, in combination with FOLFIRINOX and related treatment regimes.” 

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