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Amplia receives grant to collaborate with CSIRO

Amplia today announced that it has received new grant funding to support a research collaboration with
CSIRO to develop formulations of its FAK inhibitors for topical application.  

With the funding, provided through Innovation Connections, Amplia will work with researchers at CSIRO to help develop formulations that could be applied topically to wounds and burns which may aid healing and reduce scarring. 

Amplia’s CEO and Managing Director Dr Chris Burns commented:  

“There is growing evidence in the scientific literature that inhibition of FAK in the skin may accelerate wound healing and limit scar formation. We are looking forward to working with CSIRO to develop a formulation of our proprietary FAK inhibitors so we can determine their suitability for use in wound healing.” 

The global wound healing market is estimated to be in excess US$20b and the market for scar treatments is of similar size.   

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