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Bioshares | Amplia Therapeutics to Start Two Phase II Studies in 2022

Amplia has been featured in the latest issue of Bioshares in an article titled, 'Amplia Therapeutics to Start Two Phase II Studies in 2022'.

The article highlights the potential of our FAK inhibitor AMP945 in addressing the challenge of treating pancreatic cancer.

Particularly pleasing to read was the recognition of our strong management team, and the excellent safety profile of AMP945 as we head toward Phase II clinical trials in 2022:

“That the drug has such a favourable safety profile is allowing the company to start a Phase II study in patients with pancreatic cancer as a first line therapy, added to standard-of-care. The benefit in treating earlier stage patients is that there is a better possibility of achieving a positive efficacy signal, compared to patients who are more progressed, and recruitment should be easier.”

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