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Switzer Daily | Therapeutics company primed for growth

Amplia’s CEO and Managing Director, Dr John Lambert, has penned an article for respected business and finance website, Switzer Daily, outlining the Company’s plans to start a Phase 2 clinical trial for AMP945 to tackle pancreatic cancer. 

In Dr Lambert’s words:   

“AMP945 represents a new generation of more gentle and effective cancer treatments. So far it has a very clean safety profile, which has positive implications for Amplia’s clinical development program. Having surmounted the first hurdle of clinical development, a Phase 2 clinical trial is being planned in newly diagnosed patients with pancreatic cancer as a first line therapy, in conjunction with the standard-of-care treatment. This means it will be easier to recruit healthier patients, who are more likely to respond to treatment. If successful, this could become a game-changing standard treatment following a diagnosis of pancreatic cancer.” 

Read the article.