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VIDEO | SMALL CAPS Amplia Therapeutics makes headway in anti-cancer clinical trial


Amplia’s Chief Scientific Officer, Dr Mark Devlin, recently caught up with Kerry Stevenson from Small Caps to discuss the Company’s current capital raise, and plans to progress AMP945 to Phase 2 clinical trials in first-line pancreatic cancer patients in the New Year.  

 Last week, Amplia released supplementary findings from the Phase 1 clinical trial of AMP945 in healthy volunteers, which confirmed that orally administered AMP945, at safe and well-tolerated doses, selectively inhibits its intended target protein, Focal Adhesion Kinase (FAK). 

In describing the study, Dr Devlin said: 

“This has confirmed our best expectations...a lot of companies don’t have that confidence when moving from a Phase 1 trial into a Phase 2, so for us, this supplementary finding gives us confidence moving into those patient trials next year. This is a really exciting time for the company, and Amplia’s current $12 million cap raise puts us in a very strong position.” 


Watch the interview