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WOMEN IN SCIENCE  | Rhiannon Jones, Director, Operations



On International Day of Women In Science, we’re proud to shine a spotlight on Rhiannon Jones, one of our bright minds at Amplia. 

Rhiannon Jones joined Amplia’s management team in 2021 as Director, Operations. With a background in research operations and over 10 years’ experience working in medical research and biotechnology, she brings a varied skill set, including experience in project management, communications, policy development, ethics submissions, risk management and professional development.  

At present, Rhiannon’s role is focused on progressing AMP945 into the Phase 2 clinical trial - an exciting milestone for the Company and a great time to be part of the team.

“What is so unique and exciting about Amplia, is that it is an Australian success story. The drug was developed here by researchers from Cancer Therapeutics CRC in Melbourne, the successful Phase 1 trials was carried out in Melbourne, and the preclinical data supporting a Phase 2 trial in pancreatic cancer has been conducted at the Garvan in Sydney. AMP945 is a great example of what can be done in Australia through great collaboration and appropriate investment,” she said. 

Rhiannon is passionate about Australian biotech, which includes a deep commitment to increasing the prominence of women and people from culturally diverse backgrounds, particularly in senior roles. She would also like to see increased investment in the sector, which would allow more companies like Amplia to take Australian drug discoveries to the next level.

“Australian medical research has some brilliant minds and produces fantastic results. However we can’t keep investing in early stage research without providing a fully-developed, well-funded and accessible pathway to the clinic. Amplia is a fine example of the progress and innovation that we can lead, in critical areas of medical need, when these elements are thoughtfully planned and coordinated.”