AACR Ovarian Cancer Conference Presentation 

A poster presentation delivered by Professor Dwayne Stupack from the University of California, San Diego at the AACR Special Conference in Cancer Research: Ovarian Cancer has shared the findings of new preclinical studies that support the potential of our FAK inhibitor, narmafotinib (AMP945), in the treatment of high-grade serous ovarian cancer. 

The data shows that narmafotinib is active in mouse models of ovarian cancer, with improved activity and tolerability compared to PARP inhibitors - the current standard-of-care. Furthermore, it shows promising activity in a model unresponsive to these inhibitors. This builds on Prof. Stupack's previous research demonstrating that inhibition of the FAK enzyme can make chemotherapy and immunotherapy more effective in tough-to-treat ovarian cancers. 

Each year over 1000 women in Australia die from ovarian cancer, indicating a clear need for better treatments. 

Amplia CEO and MD, Dr Chris Burns, commented:  

“The research results presented today by Prof. Stupack are extremely exciting and clearly demonstrate that our best-in-class FAK inhibitor narmafotinib has significant potential in the treatment of ovarian cancer.” 

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