Proactive Interview with Dr Chris Burns


Amplia CEO & MD, Dr Chris Burns spoke with Jonathan Jackson at Proactive about the Company’s latest developments, including progress on the ACCENT trial, the opening of five trial sites in Seoul, Korea, exciting opportunities in ovarian cancer, and recent FDA clearance to run a trial of narmafotinib in the USA. 

In explaining why the Company chose to open trial sites in Korea, Dr Burns commented: 

“Korea has a world class clinical trials capability, as well as world class hospitals and medical treatment facilities. Pancreatic cancer is, unfortunately, a cancer that is growing in prevalence around the world, but the prevalence is slightly higher in Korea. So there's the potential to access more patients in Korea than maybe we're seeing in Australia. 

“Korea is also a major economy, and we've been very open in the past about the opportunity to do a regional licensing deal for our drugs. Working in Korea gives us that opportunity, and we are really excited to be working with some excellent clinicians on the team.” 

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