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Amplia's Pipeline

Amplia is developing two proprietary, orally available, small molecule FAK inhibitors as candidate drugs for the treatment of cancer and various fibrotic diseases:​

  • AMP945: a highly potent and selective inhibitor of FAK​
  • AMP886: a highly potent inhibitor of FAK that also inhibits two other validated disease targets (VEGFR3 and FLT3)​

Diagram of Amplia's pipeline


** NCT05355298

Amplia has successfully completed a Phase 1 clinical trial of AMP945 in healthy volunteers. On the back of positive data from this trial, Amplia is currently is preparing for Phase 2 trials of AMP945 in patients with pancreatic cancer and idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis.​

Amplia is continuing to evaluate both AMP945 and AMP886 in a range of animal models of different cancer and fibrotic diseases to identify future development, partnering, and licensing opportunities.​